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What's the Unpolished MBA stone and meaning behind it?
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Host - Monique Mills

In the trailer episode for the Unpolished MBA podcast, I promised to reveal the name of the stone represented in the Unpolished MBA logo. For those of you who have not yet signed up at you don’t have the answer…...see it’s already paying off to be a part of the community because those who have already know that the stone is a blue labradorite.  

This stone was selected to represent this podcast because it stands for a few things that are consistent with the experience you’ll get as a subscriber and member of the Unpolished MBA community

#1 The labradorite is known to be a useful companion through change as it is known to impart strength and perseverance----

#2 This stone is known to raise your consciousness---

#3 This stone is known to stimulate and sharpen you mentally--

We have all 3 of those boxes checked because the things we’ll talk about here will be helpful to those that may be on the fence about getting an MBA, starting a business, jumping into the tech startup scene, switching careers, or even pushing themselves to the top of the corporate ladder-----so yes, I’d say this podcast would be a useful companion to you as you go through that change, providing strength and perseverance….because we arm you with information and we’re going to be sharing personal stories from experience that you may identify with.

Recently, I was explaining the meaning behind the stone and the podcast to someone and they were like, "Hmmm, like the labrador dog?" 

And I’m like, "Yes, right! You get it." 

Many people who have those types of dogs will tell you that these terms describe them to the tee.  

I know many podcasts get a bad rep for being well, bad, but this one is going to live up to the expectations and promises of our symbol---the blue labradorite. 

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