How Podcasts Benefit Guests

Podcasts are increasingly important for business and personal branding. It's similar to the explosion of blogs in the early days of the internet. Podcasts feed that same content engine and helps you be found.

For the Unpolished MBA podcast, we take it a step further and we transcribe each episode. In addition, each episode receives a dedicated page on our website.

Why is that important?

We do this for a few reasons:

➡️ For people that can't listen (either deaf, hard of hearing or English is a second language)

➡️ For people who don't want to listen and would rather read it (it's quicker and headphones are not required)

➡️ To feed the Google search engine. The transcription text is searchable so our guests receive the SEO (search engine optimization) benefits and visibility when people search for them online.

On their dedicated page on our website, guests can drive traffic to themselves by requesting us to add links to their website, social media, press releases, podcast, job listings, etc.

Podcasts simply become an extension of your branding across platforms.

With all of the benefits gained through podcasting, many podcasts charge guests to be on them.

We don't.

The Unpolished MBA podcast was established to meet and speak with smart and interesting people to expand our network, promote the great stories and accomplishments of our guests, and to share information with our audience to inspire, inform, and entertain them. That's it.

Being on a podcast is a great way:

  • To be acknowledged as a thought leader and build respect within your industry
  • To attract talented employees to your company
  • To attract customers to your company
  • To attract partners to your company
Receive an invitation to be a guest on the podcast.

Join the conversation.

Join the community. 

*Guests for the podcast must have experience working in Corporate and/or as an Entrepreneur and provide interesting perspectives and helpful insights. 


*We will never sell your information or send SPAM messages. Ever.

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